Welcome to The Powder Legacy! Swagatham-Suswagatham!

The Powder Legacy started when health-conscious and the founder of The Powder Legacy attended ‘Swasthya Raksha Program’, a 14-day program to promote health and health education. She participated in the event to know more about health. Never knew it would change her entire life. The program changed her way of seeing the products that are used daily. It made her an entrepreneur and gave birth to ‘The Powder Legacy’.

After the 14-day program, she went back home thinking about all the chemicals that are going into her bloodstream through the current-day products. Her grandmother’s words rang in her ears, about the home-made products she used in her time. She then realized that it’s time to bring back the good-old lifestyle to combat modern health risks.

So that’s how The Powder Legacy came into existence and we are glad that you’re now along with us as you are reading this. Currently, we are providing fully home-made customized bath powders and hair cleansers in different variants and soon we’ll be offering edible powders.

Join us today in this home-made revolution!

The Powder Legacy

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