What is Podi (Powder) and Why you need it in your daily routine?!

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Podi or Powder, for most people, is fine particles composed together. But for traditional Telugu families, Podi is more than that. It’s grandma’s nuska, a far but close memory of childhood, something that symbolizes both past emotions and present developments. 

Powder has always been the constant of diet in Telugu cuisines, no matter if it is Andhra, Rayalaseema, or Telangana. It has come all the way from our great-great-great-ancestors. One can say Podi is older than any human being currently living on the earth. So from fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, and pulses, how do you think podi came into existence? Yeah, there are many reasons that are speculated to be the causes of grinding foods into powders. Let’s dive into the major ones now!

  • Preservation: 

Many researchers and experts assume that preservation is the major reason why podis came into existence. There were no mediums of preservation like refrigerators in ancient times making it difficult to store and eat or use them at later times, unfortunate times like famine or draughts. The powder once made, can be used for longer times and has longer shell lives than its fresh counterparts. This serves as one of the proofs of our ancestor’s cleverness.

  • Changed Form of Consumption:

Not everyone likes to eat foods in their initial forms. In such cases, the form of food has to be changed and is necessary if the nutrition from such foods is pivotal to one’s body. Consuming it in the form of powders is the most efficient and easy way to get into the human body. Also due to the fine particulate nature of powders, they are most likely to be more efficient than their original form.

  • Efficiency

As aforementioned, powders are aggregates of fine particles that have longer lifespans. The vitamins and minerals in the powder form are readily absorbed into the bloodstream and into the body. Also, some of the foods can be consumed directly, but can in the form of podi. Powders are also efficient for kids throwing tantrums to have food. Also, they are effective on our outer protection, skin as you can apply it directly if it’s in powder form.

Why you need Podis (Powders):

  • Longer Life: Indisputably, the ultimate benefit of powders is their long life. Due to the absence of moisture and their particulate nature, they tend to exist for longer spans without any extra addition of preservatives along with retaining their nutritional proportions. Also, some of the nutritional content or benefit extent is lost during the processing, it’s a proven fact that once anything is made into powder, its properties are intact.
  • Simplified Lives: In the current, hurried lives of ours, it’s difficult to make everything right away. Podis exempt you from this task. Once you have them at your base, you can use them immediately without any lengthy processes or adding other substances to it for use. Thus, one can say, Powders simplify your life and make sure you get a lot in your limited time. Whether it’s beauty or health, totally depends on your podis.
  • Balanced Diet: Food is one of the major things everyone today is neglecting on a larger scale. Due to this, many of you are suffering from acute diseases or infections. That brings green powders or superfoods into your diet picture. To avoid all the preparation tasks and to get all the nutrients with less effort in a shorter time, powders are your destinations. 

Now, you know the benefits of podi, are you willing to give it a chance to make your skin and body healthier? If you’re looking for ways to bring the power of podi into your life, look no more. We, at The Powder Legacy, are working to bring such powders into your life. One such amazing creation is our bath powders.

With a diverse 8 variants in our bath powders, each one of them is equally effective, smooth, gentle on your skin in their own ways. Read the blog below as why you should abandon soaps or body washes and incorporate bath powders into your daily routine.

Make sure you integrate this homemade and healthy lifestyle into your and your family’s routine. Hope you have a wonderful Podi lifestyle.

Come join us in this homemade revolution!

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