Sunnipindi Viseshalu: All about super and simple sunnipindi (Herbal bath powder)



They say old is gold. Everything right from the people to daily routines, modern times can never compete with the amazing old ways. Maybe that’s why we are finding ourselves searching for the leads to the old roots. And one can say that old traditions and ways can surely fend off the modern sluggish problems. 

Today, even if they say it’s organic, sure there will be ingredients that are not at all good for both health and skin. Even if the entire world is moving forward, we’re going backward in maintaining our glowy skin. And this is because we are getting exposed to a plethora of harmful chemicals all through days. Skin creams, moisturizers, toners ani okati enti, vanda vadutu untam. Mari mana skin tattukogalada? We had enough of these chemicals that are well disguised in modern products. 

That takes us to our mission: To make sure that everyone enjoys the bright halo benefits of handmade herbal bath powder, mostly known to Telugu people as sunnipindi. Ade andi, Parvati Devi use chesina amoghamaina nalugu. Gurthochinda ipudu? In our granny time, Sunnipindi is like a one-size fit for everything. It encompasses all the benefits that modern products like toners, cleansers, moisturizers promise to do but never do anyway. Mari aa benefits ento telusokondi!

Here are the top 5 advantages of using simple and super sunnipindi aka bath powder:

  • Chemical-free: This is the best benefit that sets homemade herbal bath powder from the ones that are freakingly flying the market everywhere we go. Since all ingredients are natural or homemade, you can always be sure of herbal bath powders.
  • Medicinal bonus: Most of the elements in sunnipindi are herbs that have medicinal value that’s beneficial to your skin. What more is needed when you get both birds- health and halo!
  • Multi-purpose usage: Herbal bath powder can be used both as scrub and pack due to its characteristics. Hence you can use it according to the situation as you please.
  • Refreshing aroma: Each of the ingredients in sunnipindi have their own aroma and when all are mixed, they give off a unique yet refreshing smell.
  • Simple-to-use: In our hustle-bustle life, herbal bath powder simplifies your life with its easy to use instructions. Get huge benefits from simple sunnipindi.

In our current complex modern lives, it’s nice and better to use simple sunnipindi and receive amazing benefits in return. Added with the essence of homemade, also brimming with medicinal values, herbal bath powders are in vogue right now.

We, at The Powder Legacy, are making sure that everyone including Telugu biddalu to enjoy the refined benefits our ancestors have made many years ago. Use our herbal bath powders in this urban wreck.

Come join us in this homemade revolution!

The Powder Legacy
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